Cleaning services for property management companies.

Development of methods

Each facility is different, and the amount and extent of services will vary. Therefore, the planningprocess plays an important role in providing the best service. For example, office cleaning requiresless intensive methods, but house cleaning requires more heavy duty equipment and supplies. Condominium cleaning uses more detergent and equipment that can reach corners. The development of these methods has allowed us to reach our goal of providing a service that combines:

  1. The highest level of hygiene
  2. The high level of purity
  3. A comprehensive service package in which the customer gets true value for their money

Our service

Raikaslinja offers contract cleaning services, wax-removal work and floor waxing in the Tampere area.


Information about Raikaslinja

The reputation of Raikaslinja is based on professionalism, reliability, and considerable business experience in the cleaning industry for many years. Raikaslinja started operations in Finland in 1990.


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